Questions to forum members and administrators?

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Re: Questions to forum members and administrators?

digititus wrote:

Can a Mod who has routinely boasted of having nearly thirty people on his "ignore" list be unbiased in his actions?

Any members, including moderators, are entitled to use their ignore list as they please.

Note that moderators see ALL posts, whether they're from people on our ignore lists or not.  We also see deleted posts.

Should a Mod be permitted to delete messages with multiple "thumbs up" that break no rules?

The number of thumbs up is irrelevant.

A post should not be deleted if it doesn't break rules.

Should a Mod be permitted to issue "warnings" to a member for questioning the actions of the Mod?

It's a banning offense.  Issuing a warning is at the discretion of the moderators.

Contact he admins privately if you have a specific complaint.  Moderators won't see those communications unless ( or until ) Admins deem it necessary.

Should someone be given the powers of a Mod when they have themselves resorted to name calling and other rules infractions prior to receiving their new found powers?

A matter for the Admins.

Should the power to ban a member rest with a Mod, or should the third strike (if that is what it is) rest with a higher authority?

The power rests with the moderators who are subject to oversight by the Admins at all time.

What was the selection basis for the Mods?

I don't  fully understand, but it did, AFAIK, involve a review of posting history and other activity on DPR.

Will the performance of Mods be reviewed?

It is under constant review.

Are over-zealous and biased Mods healthy for the forums and business model?

It's not my business.

I suspect the answers to these questions will become readily apparent when I am banned. I've already received two warnings in the last twelve hours for similar messages. Whether or not I am banned, I will not be spending much time here (or the Sony forum) until there are some changes!

Whether you choose to be here or not is your choice.  You are required to accept the rules and adhere to them if you visit.  It's that simple.

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