Help me spend my money!!!!!!

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Re: Help me spend my money!!!!!!

joekel wrote:

You guys are great!!! I will definitely be at camera shop on Monday To check out the Nikon. Steve you will have to get in line behind my wife sorry!!!!! I will keep you all posted


A few more points . . .

The lens is relatively heavy and doesn't balance particularly well with the D7K on it's own . . . I strongly suggesting adding an MB D11 battery grip for the D7K . . . with the grip added the camera balances much more nicely with the weight of the lens and is more comfortable to use . . . without it the combo is somewhat lens front heavy.

The grips are $214 at most online sources and there are also a number of clones available for around a hundred bucks I think although I prefer to use genuine NIKON gear whenever possible.

The camera becomes much more comfortable to use with any heavy lens with the grip added.

If you add the grip then you may want to add a second battery as well . . . not an absolute necessity but always nice to have that back up capability.

If you go for the lens you should be able to negotiate a pretty good deal to add the grip and still be within your $1250 budget.

With the D7K and a longer lens you are going to have to really work on your shooting technique . . . the D7K is very demanding and you are prob going to need to shoot in the 1/500s to 1/1000s range to freeze your images and reduce camera and motion blur as the lens does not have VR.

If you want to get VR then you have to move up to the 70 - 200 f/2.8 VRI but then they start at about $1400 and up used which puts you up at another price level.

You may also at some point in time want to add a mono pod with a ball head to help stabilize your shooting platform . . . another great addition but your are looking at another $50 - $100 for a mono pod and another $50 - $100 for a head . . . isn't this fun!

Another suggestion is to implement the Joe McNally shoulder grip shooting technique . . .

. . . it is a great technique . . . easy to implement . . . and is effectively about 1 stop faster with your shooting exposure . . . all of which is critical when trying to freeze the action.

Good luck with your quest!



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