Win8 vs. Win7: How is it (ignoring new interface)?

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Windows 8 or Windows 8 R/T?

Archer66 wrote:

Franglais91 wrote:

Just a reminder in case someone goes out and buys the wrong product - there are two very different versions of Windows 8  ...

A Windows 8 tablet and a Windows 8 R/T tablet look pretty much the same, but they aren't. The R/T tablet will probably last much longer on a single battery charge thanks to its energy-efficient CPU but your choice of software is fairly limited for the time being.

You cant buy just Win 8 RT so this wont be a issue.

I'm not sure what you're claiming not be be "an issue".   Windows 8 RT has a very limited selection of apps available compared to Windows 8 on an Intel-based tablet.  That's the issue Franglais91 was warning people about, and it's a very real one.

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