soft proofing for printing AND online presentation

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Re: soft proofing for printing AND online presentation

Thank you for your responses. Kaj and Mike, I am hoping to avoid the need to create two different files, one for print and one for online. The reason is that my customers will shop the online images and purchase prints directly from those images. I don't have the means (in this scenario) to have two seperate output files as I am not self-fulfilling the orders.

Bob, what you're saying also makes sense and helps me feel better about the situation. I was wondering if anyone can answer this:

Why should I not convert the color profile to that of the printer as in ... Edit>Convert to Profile.....? As an experiment, I soft proofed first and then converted the profile. Then I went to soft proof and there was no difference when I checked or unchecked "preserve RGB colors." This makes me feel like the images will look correct online as well as from the printer, based on my original logic which may well be incorrect.

Can anyone talk me out of that or explain any issues with that solution (if it is even a real solution)?

Thank you again!

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