Any new impressions about the P7000 firmware update?

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Billx08 wrote:

ShootTheMessenger wrote:

If you own a P7000 and use 3rd-party / after-market batteries DO NOT upgrade to Firmware v1.2 as, on the sly, Nikon introduced code that bricks your camera with other than genuine Nikon braded batteries.

That is, firmware v1.2 on the P7000 imposes the same restrictions on after-market batteries as does v1.0 on the P7100 and P7700.

You have been warned!! Though the one saving grace is that at least you can revert to v1.1 on the P7000, whereas you're locked in for all time to Nikon's ultra expensive batteries with the P7100 and P7700.

It's a bit odd to see two replies pop up a year after the thread was apparently buried and the P7000 was replaced by not one but two newer models. To make your warning a bit more complete, readers should be aware that if the older firmware is used with the P7000, it will continue to have the autofocusing problems that made it so undesirable for so long. With the v1.2 firmware, the P7000 is finally able to focus nearly as well as the P7100.

As long as you upgrade the firmware to v1.2 with the after-market battery installed, then it will work fine. Unfortunately, you will need to re-flash back to v1.1 when you recharge the battery, and then do the upgrade all over again. But all it costs is a bit of time rather than the mega-bucks needed for a new oem battery.

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