Best landscape lens(es)

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You can reproduce any inaccurate color you like

There's absolutely no technical reason why you couldn't very accurately reproduce the contrast and color response of any film stock - unless dynamic range significantly exceeds the digital sensor. Photographing a standard color test sheet, scanning the negative and developing a profile to mimic the response should be a one time exercise.

As Dan points out, the RAW sensor accurately captures scene data and allows you to decide how to process it later. Whatever inaccurate response you like from Velvia should be reproducible by way of a profile in post processing.

To your original question: the TS-E 24 is an outstanding lens and a simple choice for a landscape photographer. The TS-E 17 is only slightly behind it in image quality, but the 45 and 90 are hold-overs and lag behind in most measures.

Good luck


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