Win8 vs. Win7: How is it (ignoring new interface)?

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Re: Win8 vs. Win7: How is it (ignoring new interface)?

Henry Richardson wrote:

What are people's thoughts about Win8 vs. Win7 if you ignore the new Win8 interface? I have a laptop with Win8 that is supposed to be delivered today. I assume that there are other changes in Win8 than just the new interface. What do you think of Win8 compared to Win7?

I bought 1 upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, just to give it a try...

(All references below are to Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and Windows 8 Pro 64bit)

Having played with the trial releases, I knew what I was getting, more or less, but with 6 desktop computers in my home I thought I owed it to myself to have at least one of them "Up to date", so I cloned my boot drive (OS and software) and put it aside and upgraded my system to Win 8 pro.

I spent the first month using it as God (MS) intended and didn't like it much. Too many keystrokes to find a program, too many keystrokes to shut it down, too many keystrokes to search for something, and the opening screen is much too cluttered and ugly to use without the "touch" feature.

My first big surprise was:

Of the dozen or so pieces of software that the "adviser" told me wouldn't work with Windows 8, only my Acronis backup software and my Nero Burning Rom package actually don't work. (I paid for an update to Nero & installed EASeus to replace Acronis)

Adviser told me Office 2003 wouldn't work

Adviser told me Front page wouldn't work

They do work, however, I have no way of knowing if they are building a bomb in the OS basement, to blow later...

Perhaps its just a feature or two of each package that causes problems, and I don't use those features. (I actually only use Word to type articles and letters, and Excel to make simple Spreadsheets and or repair/fix/find problems in spreadsheets from where my Wife works. The rest of Office lays dormant on my system

After using Win 8 for a month, I tried it with "Classic Shell" and now I like it just fine.

It boots faster most of the time ( a couple of times after loading updates the system seemed to hang for a VERY long time (more than 2 minutes) with a black screen and no "please wait" announcement).

It shuts down much faster, and seems to handle swapping back and forth between modules in Lightroom 4 faster and smoother than Win 7. Also seems a little faster switching between LR and CS5/CS6.

So, overall, it does seem to be a slightly better/quicker/smoother OS than Windows 7, but not good enough to tempt me to spend $40 (US) to upgrade any of the other desktops in my home. It would be a good $10 upgrade, but at its 39.99 price, it just aint gettin' more of my money.

Maybe if they receive enough email/letters/complaints they will bless us with a "fix" or an "Upgrade" that gives us the start menu .... but dont hold your breath.. MS isnt known to really pay much attention to anyone out in the real world (people not on their payroll).

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