XZ-1 question re getting accurary of "reds"

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Re: Are those your settings in all conditions? Indoor only, outdoor too?

emilio74 wrote:

I was talking about WB setting by putting the white sheet of paper in front of camera,
then for result I get slightly greyish-white instead pure white.
Using that setting of WB all colours, except white, seems to be all right.

This looks like a sound procedure. You only should be aware that the illumination of your sheet of paper has to be really "white" also for this kind of calibration. The best way to achieve this is to illuminate the paper from the back with incident 11 a.m. sunlight on a bright day. This will ensure an illumination which is considered to be neutral white.

I've performed such tests with astronomical eyepieces (oculars) to detect any differences in color transmission (hues)  between two highly regarded eyepieces having both been called "neutral". I'ts amazing how the color perception changes when exposed to what seems to be white light but really isn't.


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