Raw PP, how to get smooth colors like OOC Jpeg?

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Re: Raw PP, how to get smooth colors like OOC Jpeg?

KBKB wrote:

Which demosaicing method are you using? Have you checked the box which says "Apply post demosaic artifact/noise reduction")

(I've played with RawTherapee a little bit, but for the time I'm using ufraw. Using ufraw, it was critical for me to click the "Apply Color Smoothing" icon. This might be similar to RawTherapee's "Apply demosaic artifact/noise reduction". But I'm not certain of this.)

I used the standard "amaze" method, but have just retried with the others and the issue remains.

There's no such option as "apply post demosaic artifact/noise reduction", it mentions it in the manual apparently but I guess it got removed recently (app is up to date).


I'll indeed try asking also on the Raw Therapee forum thx, didn't think about that..

edit: cannot register on the RawTherapee forum, apparently my IP is banned for no reason...

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