P7100 dust in lens

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Yes, like tens of thousands of other very dissatisfied P7000/P7100 owners, I too have been struck down with the dreaded stuck blind (and dust inside lens) problem. A problem, I might add which Nikon steadfastly refused to even acknowledge exists otherwise they’d have done a recall or offered a discounted upgrade

Where do these figures for tens of thousands come from. All non sealed lenses pick up dust and really depends on the environment the camera is used in and how it is stored and carried. All these zoom lens act as bellows pumping air in and out of the camera. I have never noticed the Nikons having more posts about dust more than any other model. I would think that sending the camera back for cleaning would be a reasonable thing to do for a camera of this age. I cannot see how that is different from having a watch mechanism cleaned. I know when I have mentioned a dust speck in a Sony lens I was selling nobody thought it an issue as it rarely affects photos and is inevitable. The image from a point goes through all parts of the lens when focused and the P7xxx's have little oiut of focus so unless it causes flare is unlikely to be a problem.

The Olympus Zuiko 12-50 is a sealed lens but to do this it is pretty long in order to have all the components as internal which is the only way to really seal the lens, unless you use special seals to run the insides of the lens and camera as a vacum chamber. Can you advise how this would be done with a compact at a reasonable price point?

Please quote your source for these people numbering tens of thousands and how you know this this is a brand specific problem.

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