$900 off on Costco kit

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Re: $900 off on Costco kit signs of serious sales issue?

Nikon had 'price set' their cameras at dealers across the wrold, so we were told earlier this year.

Now their D600 and D800, moreso the D600, after being out a few months have massive (say 900 over 3,500 ?(including lenses)) 25% discount at least, being conservative?

A clear sign their sales are in trouble for these cameras. Most likely it reflects the recession and while clearly the D800 is aimed at pros and serious enthusiasts, the D600 seems to be aimed that serious enthusiasts and amateurs, some pros as back ups maybe.

Likely it reflects that in these times people are hard put to spend over three grand on camera and llenses, unless it is for business. Even then, note that the D700 prices have not collapsed, so likely smart pros and others are grabbing these at decent prices instead, they are great cameras.

Similarly, amateurs and some serious enthusiasts have other options like M4/3 and NEX, at lower prices especially if they dont mind MF lenses, as these formats have much improved image quality now.

My only question is, these discounts seem manily in the US, but the US actually, at 'only' 8% unemployment is in better shape than most of Europe, so what of European sales and potential discounts?

Are the camera companies using the US  as a cash cow, i.. lower margins x greater sales, to protect liquidity?

Not only that, but consider that the D800 and D600 are the cheapest / best value FF DSLR's since the D700, yet these huge discounts indicate that sales are struggling.

I think the recession is hurting the industry badly. It is also a sign of how deeply the recession has hit people. It is a bit worrying.

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