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Re: Windows Defender

Henry Richardson wrote:

I received my Dell Win8 laptop yesterday. It has trial version of McAfee on it and Windows Defender is disabled. The McAfee expires next month and when it does I will use WD. I use MSE/WD on my Win7 computer. Last night I tried to disable McAfee and enable WD, but it wouldn't let me do it. I guess when the McAfee trial expires it will let me do that. I suppose I could uninstall McAfee now, but I guess I will wait until it expires.

When you do switch from McAfee to Windows Defender, could you please post how you did it?  A lady friend will be buying a Dell computer this month and will want me to set up the computer for her.  Being a Dell like yours, I suspect that we'll be faced with the same situation.

By the way, thanks for your write up on using Win8. I am finding that it isn't just that things have moved around and are hard to find, but that it takes many more clicks and also trying to find hidden stuff. For example, I have an admin account, a user account for me, and a user account for my wife. On Win7 when it boots up I can choose which one to log into and once logged in I can easily switch to another one. With Win8 it doesn't give me a choice to select which one to log onto when I boot up and switching is more difficult.

Welcome.  Being a single user I haven't experienced the log on problem.  Good to know about that potential bump in the road ahead of time in case it comes up for my friends.


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