Recent D800/E Purchasers - Status on Left Focus Issue

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Re: NO AF issue here

TOF guy wrote:

jonnyz2 wrote:

I've tried and returned FIVE!

And you were not the only one !

Nevertheless, a while back there were lots of posts on the topic,

Because lots of cameras had the issue. We'll never know for sure what the ratio of cameras with good / bad AF sensors were, but the fact that one can try five and none is acceptable is consistent with a fairly high ratio of cameras with the issue.

Hence the recurrent posts on the topic,

now there seem to be less,

I'd say the reality is very close to zero, a clear sign that the issue is gone.

At about the same time the number of posts on the subjects declined Thom Hogan changed his recommendation on the purchase of a D800 based on the feedback he got that the problem was finally behind us.

I can't promise you a camera that will work at 100% because there will always be a few bad apples in a stream of good cameras. But at this point waiting because of this issue has become futile: it won't get any better than it is now.

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The only question for me at this point, if I were in the market for another D800, would be: Are there still bad ones left in the inventory stream that are still being sold? Unfortunately you "normally" can't specify what serial number range you are willing to purchase. You just get the next one off the shelf.

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