Congrats to "TOF guy"!

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Re: Don't mention it

TOF guy wrote:

May take more time than I anticipated.

I'll let the other participants who have "won" a spot among the group of moderators introduce themselves.

While we're on the topics of moderation:

- Moderators can readily see the threads which have triggered a complain (and the number of complains as well). The contentious posts are also marked. So using the "complain" feature is a very good way to attract attention to posts which do not follow the forum rules. I intend to check all threads which are flagged so as systematically as possible.

- We can't see who is complaininig (or at least I don't know how), if anonimity matters to you.

- Feel free to send me private messages as well if you're concerned that a post merits the moderators attention. I'll ask you to refrain using my personal address though: it's a bit of a family inbox instead of just my own. And I'd rather keep our silly arguments to ourselves

- Observation: we have more problematic posts than the high end DX forum does (yes I moderate this forum as well). Kind of counter the intuition as I would have thought the high end FX forum would attract a more pro or "serious photographers" audience, people more focused on the art of photography and the tools to get there.

- The purpose of moderation is not to discourage disagreeements, including animated discussions (you know: divergent, obstinated, etc POVs, as we all occasionally do), as long as they stay civil. There are some complains which seem to relate about a person disagreeing with another instead of a true problem. No moderating action will be taken in such situations.

Give us a little time. With everybody's help I truly think that this forum will get much better very soon.

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I think this is great news for the forum.

Having being so frustrated quite a few times by the impunity of spammers and trolls, I have been sucked in on quite a few occasions and probably over reacted on some occasions; I apologize for this (not to the trolls and spammers but to everybody else).

If the owners of DPR realized that mods were needed, I have no doubt that they will also monitor and make sure that moderators' impact is a positive one. Well done DPR and congrats to the newly appointed mods.

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