Any ideas on how well Fuji X series are selling?

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Re: Japan Market Share

Rod McD wrote:


I don't know what you can make of the survey done as the XE1 came out. It probably means that the survey only took into account XP1 and X100 sales (unless it took all compacts and bridge cameras into account too - it depends how one defines "mirrorless" and I don't know how they defined it.) To be honest the 2% figure doesn't surprise me if it was based on just the XP1 and X100. They're two premium models only and at the top end of the market prices.

Of the annual financial reports....... On the face of it, it does sound surprising, but I don't know how to interpret it and what it means to Fuji's investors.


I believe that they counted just the X Pro 1 in that survey, so yeah a low showing is to be expected, but 2% seems a bit too low.

Regarding the Imaging Solutions division of Fujifilm, I guess Fuji's investors are comfortable propping up a money losing business, for whatever reason.

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