So how big DO you print? And why it matters!

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Thanks for a great post ...

I agree that what really counts is how the images look printed. Living in Australia we don't get the prices and special deals that those of you in the USA enjoy. I'm still printing on an old Canon Pro9000, mostly A3 (12x6") and A3+ (19x13") prints but I hope to get an A2 printer next year. The biggest dilema is which brand and model? I love the Canon because I can leave it idle for months at a time and never had any problems - a bit different to what I see owners of other brands experiencing over on the print forum. Incidently I paid $500 for my current printer and it paid for itself just in doing the display prints for my portrait work.

There is nothing like the joy of seeing your perfect print come out of the printer. It's probably a carry over from my old darkroom days when I had Chromega D5XL enlargers (both with rotating triple lens turrets), a Wallner colour analyser, and Durst RCP40 print processor and dryer. I never cease to be amazed at the quality of the prints that one can get from an ink-jet photo printer these days. And it's all done quickly - in the light - and no messy chemical mixing or working out replenishment rates.

Portraits are shot on either D700 or H3DII-39 and my travel stuff is shot on D7000 or X100. The travel shots I get published into A3 photo-books - again there is nothing better than looking at the printed images

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