what improvements do you guys want to have on the next generation of RX100...RX200?

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Some Possibilities

jbwong wrote:

Any ideas what sony gonna improve in the RX200?

what i think:

1). better wide: 24mm

This is possible. Even at 25mm or 26mm is an improvement.

There is another option, to go beyond 100mm, say 112mm. But then again, it could compromise size or optical qualities, especially if you are also going for 24mm.

2). touchscreen and flip mon

The touchscreen is possible. But not a necessity. The flip screen, that's probably not going to happen. Maybe in ver 3 or 4. That would increase the thickness. Going 24mm and maybe over 100mm will already push the limits of that. So, a flip screen is out of the question until such time we see a thinner LCD come out.

3). better grip design

This is easilly done. It's either just putting a good sticky material on the grip side and/or even just putting a modest bump to be able the fingers to grab hold of the camera better.

i wish they really keep the size of the camera though...pocketable

Others not mentioned:

- reposition the battery/SD card further away from the tripod hole. Or move them apart so that you don't have to remove the camera from the tripod if you just want to change the battery or SDHC card. Moving this door near the hand grip with a slight protrusion for grip may also allow for a slightly larger batt, hence a longer battery life. That would mean though, that a RX100 battery is going to be different from the RX200 batt.

- add wi-fi and apps and in cam editing.

- optional GPS.

A surprise would be to put an EVF there. But if they are to maintain the same size, that would make the LCD small to make room for the EVF. Or it may protrude a bit if that EVF is placed not in the center. So, it's probable that an EVF is not on the table. Not only for those reasons, but it would bloat up the cost, and might cause some 2nd thoughts to those who want to get a next 6 or a NEX with EVF as surely,  the price of an RX100 with EVF is going to be close to the nex 6.

They can still stick with 20mp as long as a CZ lens is in there. 24-100mm is just fine. Even if we lose f1.8 to f2.0 is fine to get that 24-25mm at the wide end.

One last thing, hoping that the RX200 won't be U$650 but a lower price at U$600 to start with.

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