Strapping my new camera

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Re: Strapping my new camera

I have FZ200.   I hate having any strap on it, but I use Joby sling.  It fastens to tripod screw, like Black Rapid, so very easy to remove when I am indoors and don't want a strap.   I don't have to wear it across my shoulder  -- I do when hiking and swing it to my back.

I also bought a small camera bag to keep it safe -- but don't use it much.  The bag that is!  Too much of a hassle to get it out.   Instead i toss it in my backpack, or in my (big) purse/tote.  Loose.   And I don't use a protective filter and I keep the lens cap off whenever it's out - sitting on my desk or on the car seat or on my body.  I am not taking the lens cap on/off -- too much work.   I use the hood when hiking, and that's protection enough.

I've never had more fun and getting a lot of pictures I would otherwise not get.  In fact, I am amazed at that.  The camera sits on the coffee table in the evening and I manage to get some really cool shots pets and family.   Making it accessible was key for me.   The cell phone camera isn't used nearly as much!


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