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Re: Best Lenses and bodies

viking79 wrote:

We don't seem to have as good of deals in the US. Most of the deals I got were either from eBay in Canada.

I paid retail for my 12-24mm and 16mm f/2.4, and the 30mm f/2 and 85mm f/1.4 I bought used on eBay, and the 60mm f/2.8 macro from Henry's for $200 off or so. I plan on just buying the 45mm f/1.8 when it comes out too.


I'm in the US and have bought NX200, 16mm, 20mm and 60mm at sale prices from Henry's in Canada; when the pancakes were under $200 and the 60mm at $200 off like Eric stated above and the NX200 at $489. These purchases were at different times through 2012 when they had sale prices for short periods.

Haven't seen the prices on those items at those levels since; at least for a US online purchaser like myself. I'm glad I  have them all. The 16, 20 & 30mm's get used 95% of the time, split somewhat equally.

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