Any ideas on how well Fuji X series are selling?

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Re: Japan Market Share

No doubt something is acutely and chillingly lacking in your life...this can not be normal!! You need to have a very deep moment of reflection and look for better ways to heal the wound inside you! Bashing everything Fuji can not and will not be a lasting solution….

rattymouse wrote:

Kokeen4231 wrote:

Well, Fujifilm sales are largely dependent on the x series.

From where I come from, Singapore, at least fuji is doing not to bad. At one of the biggest photo outlets in Singapore, according to survey Fuji was the no. 2 bestseller displacing Nikon but behind the no.1 Canon. Mainly because of the x series.

In Japan, I heard this from a fuji guy that the x pro 1 sold so well that they recieved complaints of lack of stock.

Just as the X-E1 came out there was a large industry study on the mirrorless market in Japan. Fujifilm's market share came in at 2% or less. Waaaay beyind Olympus, Panasonic, Nikon, Pentax, and even Canon (where the M was released only 1 month or so earlier).

It will be interesting to see if Fujifilm's X-E1 improves these numbers.

On a side note, I went back and looked at each annual corporate report from Fujifilm all the way back to 2005. In every year from 2012 down to 2005, Fujifilm's Imaging Solutions group (where digital cameras reside) has lost money. Every year. Not one penny in profit.

That stat I found absolutely amazing. I wonder what year Fujifilm last made any money in cameras.

When the x100 was first released, fuji claimed thay sold twice more than expected.

In hond kong where I was recently, many shops said to buy the x e1 you had to pre order as they sold quite fast. Could be due to limited stock but who knows.

Know fuji has a lens roadmap up to the end of 2013 and they have patented a new sensor with phase detection this time, so expect faster cameras.

In the near future, I feel fuji x has hope.

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