Big Cameras!

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Big Cameras!

Well Santa Claus came early for me, I traded 3 lenses, PK/A ext. tubes, an adaptall-2 PK/A and a flash with a few accessories for this big camera. The Fuji GSW690III Sorry its not Pentax but i did put a Pentax lens cap on it LOL.

So with most new gear one must photograph it... for posterity LOL

Here are my 3 Medium format cameras, photos from the first 2 cameras will come probably after Christmas, they're being processed this week.

1) My just recently bought, and fairly lightly used Fuji GSW690III camera, yes 6x9 format and the lens a 65mm F5.6 (28mm equiv on FF and 18.5mm equiv on APS-C) the aperture range for the lens is F5.6-32 which has the equivalent range on APS-C of F1.6-9.1. This camera is a rangefinder but has not meter or auto advance.

2) In the middle, acquired earlier this year(April) a fully working 1946 Rollex 20 6x9 folding bellows camera with an 85mm F5.6 lens (36mm on FF, 24mm on APS-C) this camera is uber simple, it only has 1 focal length, 1 aperture, 1 shutter speed, 1 focus distance and 1 ISO of course. fire off yous shot and pray, not only that but you have to re-cock the shutter manually and advance the film manually after every shot or it will not take the photo or you'll bet multi-exposures.

3) The one and only original Pentax 645 Acquired in January this year, with multiple lenses...

The 645-A 35mm F3.5 (22mm F2.2 on FF, 14mm F1.4 on APS-C)
The 645-A 45mm F2.8 (28mm F1.8 on FF, 19mm F1.2 on APS-C) For Sale!
The 645-A 75mm F2.8 (47mm F1.8 on FF, 31mm F1.2 on APS-C)
The 645-A 120mm F4.0 1:1 Macro (75mm F2.5 on FF, 50mm F1.7 on APS-C)
The 645-A 150mm F3.5 (94mm F2.2 on FF, 63mm F1.4 on APS-C)
The 645-A 200mm F4.0 (125mm F2.5 on FF, 83mm F1.7 on APS-C) Currently on route
I had the 55mm F2.8 in the past but never really used it. its like a 34mm F1.8 in full frame. Also had the 75mm F2.8 leaf shutter and 80-160mm F4.5 in the past but didn't keep them.

view original for best results

Now just for fun, here are the sizes compared with the Pentax Auto 110, my smallest camera.

view original for best results

The Fuji GSW690III and Pentax 645 original are the same height and if you turn the fuji 90 degrees its width is slightly shorter end to end then the length of the 645 with 45mm F2.8 lens (for equivalent focal length) and its depth is a tiny bit shorter then the width of the 645. in area it takes up its the slight winner, they are however similar in weight. and the 645 is a far more advanced camera.

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