Should I move from Olympus to either Canon or Nikon?

Started Dec 15, 2012 | Questions thread
Tony Sx Senior Member • Posts: 2,151
I see you've already started another thread.

Odd that you've already asked this question in another thread that you started. It's not surprising that in the other thread, you were recommended to upgrade rather than replace the camera.

Holly C wrote:

I'm torn, My first dslr was an Olympus E-420, which I still have, and at one stage I also hastily bought the 50-200mm to go with it (spent a fair bit, but it's a great lens), so I have my E-420 with the 50-200 hanging oddly off of it (and my kit lenses).

It's surprising that you "hastily" bought an Olympus 50-200mm considering that it possibly cost more than the camera....

I'm looking to upgrade, though I'm not sure If I should stay with Olympus or if I should change systems to something a little more available (e.g. Canon or Nikon), with a broader range of accessories and lenses. Zuiko lenses are just so expensive (they are nice), and the range is pretty limited to the brand

So you've got the 14-42mm and possibly the 40-150mm lenses. Neither is a great lens but then the lenses you get with a Canonikon aren't that great either. If you get a lens....

Zuiko lenses are great, but they are expensive, and 4/3rds lenses are also limited in terms of range. If I was going to change systems, I guess it would be better to do it whilst I've only made one extra lens purchase.

Limited? You already have 14mm - 200mm which in SLR terms is 28mm to 400mm. How much more range do you need?

Should I sell up and convert, or would it be worth upgrading my Oly system simply to use with the 50-200mm, and then buying my first 'other' branded camera? I understand that Olympus are more focusing on their micro 4/3rds units and haven't released a new dslr in a few years.

Would I be an idiot to buy into a different system? I feel like one.

Why convert? That way you lose ALL your investment. You could replace the camera body with something newer that provides extra ability and maybe replace the 14-42mm lens with either the 12-60mm or 15-54mm both of which will give an improvement over the 14-42mm.

I just feel like I've thrown money somewhere and maybe I need to stick to it, but I guess it's all part of the learning experience. I'd love some advice from people who know better than me.

Every time you buy a camera, you throw money away. Same as buying a car. If you like the way the camera operates then why change? Apart from getting better functions from the same brand. You can make a SERIOUS upgrade by replacing the body with an Olympus E30 - that with a better shorter zoom would be much cheaper than buying a CanoNikon with 2 lenses to match what you already have. Remember, ALL today's cameras perform well. Looking for nuances in how they perform is how the manufacturerer's hope to make you change. Unless you are some sort of fanatical "professional" you don't need more than about 15 meg from a camera image. Do you need GPS to tell you where you took the image? For $60 Lightroom will allow you to vastly improve any image you capture. On whatever camera.

Save your money. Change your basic lens and change your camera if you have the urge.



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