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Re: I agree, it wasn't for me on my Desktop PC

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All programs that worked with Win7 seem to have no problems with Win8. However, I found it offers very little for desktop users over Win7 - quite a number of annoying additions mean that, whilst it seems to run slightly faster, the extra key strokes required cancel the gain. I reverted back to Win7 - might give it another look after service pack 1 is issued, which hopefully will eliminate some of the annoyances.

I agree. Tried it on a backup system that I have (Desktop) to see if I would like it. Nope. Works well on my Lenovo 220 Tablet but not for me on the desktop.

Still interested in what others here have to say about it though.

Just use a tool like start8 or a register hack and you start into the desktop right away. If you want, you can get metro, if not you can use the desktop. I don't see the disadvantage here. I mostly work in the desktop and the improvements are most welcome. I only switch to metro when i want to read some news or something. Even with metro, windows 8 is still faster and uses way less memory then windows 7!

as just an average everyday PC user that's my gripe with W8... have to do too many MORE things/ mouse clicks than W7.. NO Start button to access regular programs... basics on a's made for 'Tablet-people'.. AND Touchscreens.. and mostly useless apps... who wants to do Image Editing on a greasy fingerprint filled touchscreen PC monitor..

MS set itself back 10 years in technology with W8..sure it may be faster but to use it 'as is' is a complete nitemare... at least they could have given the 'option' to boot in Desktop mode with a Start button ala W7... why would anyone have to go to an outside source to just get a Start button on a supposed new OS.. madness..  what biznesses would adopt W8.. NONE.. nada.. zero.. just like they didn't adopt Vista...

W8 = Vista II  as far as I'm concerned..  what was MS thinking..  looks like we should be hearing about W9 already after this mess... then again it'll probably be just Vista III the way MS has been headed...  incredible.. unbelievable

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