A37 and A57 what's the key difference?

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Re: A37 and A57 what's the key difference?

The other factor is that I also owns a lot of small cameras (NEX5 and A330), while the A57 feels better, it's hard to pack it in my bag with another camera (I prefer not to change lens), with the A37 and A330 I can actually pack both in a small bag with the lens attached. And the A37 uses the same battery as my NEX 5, so if i go out with those 2 combo I can get 4 battery and shoot lights out without worrying about battery life.

Yep, very similar to me and also reasons why I went with the A37 - I have a Nex 5 and can swap batteries with that and the A37 plus I also take 2 cameras out sometimes so can have a wide angle on the Nex and something longer on the A37 or whatever. The A37 with a lens mounted fits in the middle compartment of my camera backpack (whereas the A57 wouldn't) I then have the Nex in one side compartment and a tripod head and/ or Alpha prime lens in the other side. Works for me anyway.

You cannot buy the A55 new anymore in the UK so I guess there is more chance of prices on current models dropping here as there is no older stock to clear...

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