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Evildogofdoom wrote:

Ionian wrote:

quatpat wrote:

Really? My A77 must be defective then, because it lets me correct back or front focusing lenses via the fucus adjustment feature.


No, the a77 is supposed to be able to adjust focus. Your a77 is operating correctly. If you haven't already I'd suggest reading over the a77 manual so in the future you're not confused as to what's appropriate behavior and what's defective.



i think he was being ironic.

Ah, not ironic you mean but nasty because if he wasn't being serious there are far nicer ways he could have voiced his comment.  I'd like to think that he wasn't being that.  I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was ignorant of how his camera works so as not to get a negative view of him right off the bat.  We both agree that would be in his best interest, no? 


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