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Re: Just ordered a Triggertrap unit from Amazon

PaulM2 wrote:

Got a confirmation already. The unit should be here in a few days, but the cable for the e-420, is promised for some time in January (next year) It comes from the UK.

Going to use this with my e420 and the Nexus 7 Tablet. I downloaded and installed the Android APP already.

Previously I had attempted to use a AV cable/portable TV, with the E-1 and a USB cable with Olympus Studio 2 software in my Laptop. The software worked OK, the AV cable on a portable TV did not. Could only get to view images already taken.

This isn't surprising as Olympus did not support Live View in the DSLRs until the E-410/E-510/E-3 generation. If it matters, they do not support auto focus in live view in that generation. You can use the AEL/AFL button to tell the camera to flip the mirror, focus, and flip back. The next generation (E-420/E-520) does support live view auto focusing, though it is extremely slow.

What I want to do is to use some old 35mm film lenses (Minolta). The problem with these old lenses is that they are Manual and very difficult to focus on the E-1, thus the TV screen. The e-420 does not have AV output and when you plug in a USB cable to the e-420, none of the other controls work.

Well the E-420 does have AV output, it is just they use the same port for each of the AV output, USB, and shutter release. Olympus used to provide a splitter cable if you knew were to look that would split the AV output and the USB (but not shutter release) for use with Studio.  Unfortunately, I haven't seen it for sale in a while.

I used to have a link to somebody else't tutorial that you could make your own cable that split all three cables, but the website no longer exists (basically you buy a cheap shutter release cable, and add the extra wires, but often times the companies making the shutter release cables fill the other wire openings with epoxy.

Manual focus with the legacy glass along with a Bellows unit (close-up's) then mounted to the e-420 with the adapter from China. With the e-420, in live view along with the 10x view expander should make the focus easier. Will have to see if the e-420 in live view has a problem with the Triggertrap unit, but after I get focus with live view, I can turn it off and plug in theTriggertrap cable, being extra careful not to bump anything..

Looking forward to this after trying to get the portable TV/ Laptop computer (Studio2) setup to work. Got the TV/Laptop lash-up to work with old P&S Olympus cameras ( a c-7000z works great, I could preview the shot on the TV and then take the shot), but no luck with the DSLR models.

With any of the newer cameras that support Live View and release (i.e. all cameras starting with the E-410/E-420, except for the E-PL1, which did not support the wired shutters, and also the E-3/E-5 which have different cabling setups) you can buy a device that combines a portable LCD with a shutter release button. I wrote up a review of my unit here:

I never used Studio, but I believe the way to use it with a live view camera is you get the splitter cable, and feed the USB into the computer, and get a TV card/USB device that takes AV output and displays it on the computer screen.

Note, the resolution is not that great (I believe it is roughly 320x240/QVGA). On the cameras that have HDMI, you cannot use HDMI in live view, as the camera immediately switches to review mode.

I have wired up my E-5 so that I could use it with the Yongnuo (merging the AV and shutter release cables into the phono cable that the Yongnuo uses), and I also have done a cable splitter so that I can use a remote monitor and shutter release separately using the Yongnuo cable. One problem with doing this is often times you want to change a setting, but you can't do that from the Yongnuo, you have to go back to the camera to change settings.

Note, I can't tell from your paragraph whether you are expecting the TriggerTrap to have video on the phone. Unfortunately there is no video support, all it is is a fancy shutter release.

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