Silkypix Developer Studio Pro for Panasonic - Special !!!

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For me, messing with photography, disregarding the £££ & years on analogue..., I used to use a Canon DSLR and usual clatter of lenses and always went the RAW route on keepers via RawShooter Pro and PS / CS.

Sold the lot, went for FZ200 – I now had change in the pocket and a camera I could happily carry and use most of the time with the right lens on it!

FZ200's JPG's are very good especially if you use STANDARD -2's for NR & SH and a little PP to polish them but I missed the flexibility of RAW though...

Spent a long time testing Silkypix 3 - not really good but certainly usable.. Lots time on ACR in LR4 and CS6. I have extensively used CS2/3/4/5 professionally over many years albeit not specifically related to photography..

The latest Adobe ACR engine is okay with FZ200 RW2's but still requires an awful lot of effort to even come close to the JPG's - there's a lot on this forum about this point.. I've had an extensive good look at the deNoise Suite and NeatImage 6 & 7 in addition to ACR and okay you get there but boy, what a time penalty!

Personally I've settled on this latest Silkypix offering. Quite simply for me it works with FZ200 RAW – quickly and accurately. (Yes there are penalties, the manual is definitely lacking in 'normal' terminology and programme use is quirky until you get used to it – a bit like long hair (male), wearing socks with sandals and smoking wacky backy, I suppose – it's individualistic and not the norm...)

Make no mistake, this software is about developing an image in the true sense not cataloguing, re-mastering, painting, or artistic manipulation - not that I have any issue about these mediums but they are squarely within CS or similar software territory.

I'm pretty useless with a camera and now I opt to spend more time sorting that aspect rather than using a computer to manipulate images (for which I'm pretty good) ...

I realised that for me I need to concentrate on photography and not the manipulation side.

You may not agree and we are all different thankfully, but if you are so inclined try the free trial – in my view it is excellent on its own for the FZ200, or / and, would be a good base to save to 16 bit tif and then CS or LR for further tinkering at leisure.

Kind Regards (live long & prosper as someone once said.. )

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