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Re: well, after my griping

Ronomy wrote:

Wow not here...much better control for me. Takes a while to process the entire image and it starts out mushy at first. When the processing icon in the lower right is finished then it looks great.

I use Photoshop but ACR I just can't get used to it. I should spend more time with it and eventually will but this seems so easy to use compared to ACR and the auto white balance is absolutely the best yet. IMHO!

I can imagine that some computers might take their time with Silkypix development edits.  When I edit in ACR there is no noticeable lag between moving a slider and the effect appearing on screen.  With Silkypix there is a definite hesitation of a second or two as it processes some edits.  During this short pause, the preview image goes soft, possibly because it is showing the unedited RAW file as it recomputes all the editing steps taken, including the one just instigated.

The PC I use is quite rapid, has plenty of memory and a girt great graphics card to help, so these momentary waits for the editor to re-render the preview are incidental.  I can imagine an older/slower PC taking rather longer, which might become tedious.

Even so, the default development that Silkypix calculates from the EXIF data and other data in the RAW image seems to be 90-100% of what I want the picture to look like.  Unlike ACR, it will make a much more accurate best-guess at the ideal render for each image.  Presumably it has a lot more intelligence relating to the Panasonic cameras to which it's dedicated?

So, what you lose on the Silkypix slow editing renders you gain from having a RAW development automation that does most of what you would do manually without its help.

In all events, the RAW devlopment outputs are so good  from Silkypix that it's worth the slower-than-ACR processing and the rather strange interface & manual. ( Perhaps its familiarity, but ACR controls seem much more intuitive).

SirLataxe, wondering what Silkypix knows that Adobe doesn't.

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