P7000 firmware improvements? Locked

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Re: P7000 firmware improvements? Yes, but not for you.

I share opinions based on experience and that is it. TO me, it was a very rushed together camera, while Nikon having the right intent with the release of the P series( and Nikon 1 ) they just need to go a way further to getting up to snuff with the rest. I just don't like being accused of being a troll. I am rather new to photography and by these forums, discouraging and all, I feel most ppl are all tech and no images. Most would rather pixel peep and get hard on's over this and that than images and critique. It is quite sad that it is this way and that alot of the noobs dont even bother to share there feelings, and that what they have to say has no merit and the guys with the high post counts are sort of the judge and the jury. This is the way that I see it. Maybe you can prove me wrong but as of now, I just don't see it any other way.

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