How to take better newborn photos with RX100?

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Re: How to take better newborn photos with RX100?

KnightFall wrote:

I am sorry that I've not provided details here. I am not beginner level user, I can honestly say that I have been into the photography since 1999, not implying I am a pro but I know the basics.

My biggest problem is the "shutter lag", between two shots the camera waits way too much. first i thought it is the sd card i used, but after trying varying speed sd cards, I concluded it is not the sd card.

RX100 is very fast and very responsive.  The shutter lag you experienced has to be caused by some settings.   You still have not indicated which mode you are shooting in?

Did you use flash?  The flash does take some time to recharge.

Let's try this.  Switch the mode to Green Auto, Quality to FINE, and switch the flash mode to always OFF.   Take a few shots, you should notice very little lag.

Some settings can increase processing time and the apparent "lag", for example, the Superior Auto Mode (Yellow Auto) with multiframe capture, ISO set to Multi-frame noise reduction, Long exposure noise reduction (during very dark scene), HDR mode etc.

Always format the SD card with the camera (not PC) before first use.

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