Panasonic G5 vs. GH3

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Re: Panasonic G5 vs. GH3

Jorginho wrote:

Well (here we go again): Gh3 uses a Sony sensor which is also used in the EPL5 an OMD. I have GH2 (which has the G5 sensor) and the EPl5 and the EPl5 has better IQ. Better noise, better DR, beter colours, beter tonaity. In such a way that GH3 is almosty equal to the best APS-c performance around (better than Canon and somewhat worse than Sony) and G5/GH2 are not quit reaching that level. So the guy is right: Gh3 has better IQ. Not a revolution but an evolutionairy step.

I'm also thinking of buying the G5 or GH3. (I have the G1, but i'ts about time to replace it after 22000 shots - a few weeks ago the shutter button refused completely!)

My question is: is this 'evolutionary step' worth a price that is more than doubled? I do not really care about filming.

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