Which affordable prime lens to go with Panasonic 14-42?

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Re: Which affordable prime lens to go with Panasonic 14-42?

As you take more pictures, you'll probably find that they tend to "cluster" at particular focal lengths. A common pattern is a zoom lens gets treated as two primes, so most of your pictures are taken at one end or the other of the zoom. For me, the wide end was ahead by way more than a 2:1 ratio (unless I was taking macro shots) so I knew a wide-ish prime would get a lot of use. The 15mm body cap prime is really cheap and tiny and fits in with my preferred focal length, so I made sure to buy it. I'm pretty weight sensitive, so tiny weighed very heavily with me. Since I take so many macro shots, a real macro lens will be my next purchase.

The other thing I did was look over my failed pictures to see if there was a pattern to what didn't work. For me, that was largely a lack of low light capability, and I could be very specific about what kinds of improvements I needed.

I usually get most of my "kid" pictures when I play with my nephew. A wide-ish lens means he and I can just play, and if he's being especially cute, I can grab a picture. He'd way rather play with me than sit for photographs. His parents like the pictures better when they're from a playful point of view too.

If you're not having any luck seeing patterns in what you do, try having someone else look at it. When I did that, while I didn't discover anything about my lens preferences, the other person did notice that I have a major obsession with grape leaves.

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