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EvilOne wrote:

FYI, the A77 is one of the only cameras that has the ability to correct any front or back focus issues.. Having Micro adjustability is a very big deal.

I had wished that the a700 had gotten that in a firmware update. I had the infamous back focus issue with my a700 when I bought it new (back when it was first released) and I ended up sending it back to Sony twice before they got it right.

When Sony had issued the v4 firmware I was hoping they would have added micro adjust, but they didn't. And I had held on to hoping that there would be a v5.
When I got my a900 though (which I no longer have), I will say that my 100 F2, which had always been a tiny bit soft on the a700 was very sharp on the a900. I never knew if that was because of the better focus system or maybe no back focus. I never had to use micro adjust on the a900 with the 100 F2.



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