Why buy the new M ?

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Re: Why buy the new M ?

I meant to reply a couple of days ago and then needed to read all the replies to refresh my memory. One poster did mention orphan cameras like Leica R series. I have postponed buying a D800 for use with my R lenses when I read about the release of the M that will be able to use R lenses. I still have questions about functionality but having read Dr. Ulrich's report I am more confident that the new M is going to be for me.

Some of my vintage R lenses do not have the contact point at the base of the lens so the camera will not be able to read what type of lens it is. That means EXIF data will not be all inclusive unless I retrofit all my old lens with contact points. Dr. Ulrich was unsure if the type 1 19mm R lens will work with the M. Without a 1.35 magnification factor the 28mm may return as my favorite wide angle lens. My 100 mm macro lens will return to being a 1:1 ration for doing true macro images.

My R8 with digiback has a meager 8 pixel count but has proven to be more than enough except for larger prints. I can still switch it back to a film back but have not done so in the last decade or so since acquiring the digiback.

I have resisted putting adaptors on my R lenses as they do loosen up over time. THere are some newer adaptors from France that look intriguing but the cost is just enormous for an adaptor, ahh yes you get what you pay for indeed!

From my name you might guess that I am into Porsches. A reference was made to Ferrari in an earlier post. I can assure that I would take a dead realiable Porsche over a Ferrari ever day of the week.  There are after market things for a Porsche like brake pads, wheels, aerodynamic wings, etc. When you replace the engine of a Porsche, it's lens system, with another engine it ceases to be a Porsche at that point.  I don't begrudge anyone making modifications to their Porsche or Leica just don't call it something it is not. Using a Leica lens on another camera body does not make it a Leica. It just makes it better than it was.

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