doing sports with the V1....... a few samples..

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Re: doing sports with the V1....... a few samples..

ragspix wrote:

rayman 2 wrote:

Max Elmar wrote:

Those are dandy, Rayman. Unfortunately, (thinking along the lines of professional sports photography), they also show the current native lens set simply can not separate the subject from the background at that distance. Still a nice series, but those backgrounds just aren't doing it for me. I would cheat and change my position to get some sky behind those bikes....and then the viewer would know the AF system was actually working, not simply a hyperfocal technique. Just get closer - it's part of the job.

Sorry, I'm suggesting as gently as I can why the reaction to the set might be somewhat muted - at least as a demonstration of serious (if not professional) sports/action photography. Please don't hate on me - I love the N1 system.


Max Elmar

Na no problem .. I actually wanted the background since that is part of the story.. its our townhall...

I would have taken the 85 1.4 for blurred background...

But yeah.. I think everyone can see that the V1 or V2 are capable of doing sports....


Capable of doing some sports well. Your capture of the subjects are at the slowest point of their "trip".

A panning effort would be interesting and how you might track the moving subject laterally (or vertically) while blinded by the pic review.


Thats not a big problem either and if the pic review realy bugs you you can use one of those accessory analog finder that are around.. I got one of those from a Nikon of the 50 ies...

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