7-14 and 14-35 owners: What's your favourite aperture for landscapes...

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The corner of my 7-14

philosomatographer wrote:

The 7-14 has really good performance, my sample peaking at f/5.6, but you are hard-pressed to notice any difference across the frame from f/4.0. It's pixel-sharp right into the furthest corners, very even performance, and almost none of the light falloff that plagues many wide angle lenses. Forget about finding more than one or two other wide-angle lenses in this world that can resolve this detail and contrast in the very corners: 14mm f/5.6 image with crop.

The only reason I stop mine down more than f/5.6 is for extreme depth of field in a near-to-far subject.

This is an very complex lens, with micro tolerances, and whether it's because of sample variation or whatever, people have slightly different experiences with this lens. My particular sample has the strange property that, for infinity subjects, at 14mm, it's noticeably better at f/4.0 than at f/5.6 (and gets better at f/8.0 again - go figure) so I shoot mine wide open at 14mm. 10mm and down, it's slightly better at f/5.6.

Funnily enough, the 14-35 (which I am still to acquire) is supposed to be even better still. It's optically a much better lens in all measurable aspects compared to even $6000 Leica M prime lenses (see Digilloyd's tests on the OM-D E-M5) and in the same resolution class as the ZD 35-100 (which I do have and enjoy).

Enjoy, and don't stop down too much. f/4.0 should provide optimum performance on your 14-35.

Many users really rave about the performance of this lense, but at least in my copy the corners were nothing to rave about. Yes, for such a wide angle lense I was impressed with the corners, but the corners never looked like the edges, and the edges never looked like the center in terms of sharpness.

The 35-100/2, on the other hand, was a lense where the corners were mildly softer than the edges, but the edges were excellent, and the center was premium. The 7-14 never had this feel with regards to edges and corners... but that's okay.

Now, if you want a lense with no compromises, then the 150/2 is the ticket. That lense was my absolute favorite on 4/3, and I still haven't found a lense on Nikon with similar attributes. But I haven't tried their 300/2.8 yet.


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