A match made in heaven. D600 & Nikon 85mm 1.8g Locked

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Another suggestion

michaeladawson wrote:

Alejandro Daz del Ro Fery wrote:

RaptorUK wrote:

TOF guy wrote:

So if I understand the gist of the discussion, Neil took an image 3 months ago and decided to enter the shot in a contest which is supposed to be only for pictures taken the previous week (possibly after changing the EXIF data) ?

No need to change the EXIF, he could have simply lied when entering the details for the image on the Entry form . . . so the gist is that he is a CHEAT and DPR should BAN him along with the other Challenge CHEATs . . . of which there are many, including some Hosts.

Perhaps as a Moderator you can get some wheels in motion on this ?

Do not think we need to ban him, after all he must carry his penitence 4ever

No Fernando Alonso @ Silverstone British GP 2012 ???

I don't think a ban from this forum is appropriate for cheating in a contest. However, banning from future competition is. At least for a period of time. As far as banning from this forum.... well, there are plenty of posts and threads in this forum to make a call from.

Stupidity isn't against the law - Neil's posts, for the most part, probably don't break the forum's rules, but his endless supply of horrendous photos and blithering pomposity is a definite mocking of the forum itself. The threads he starts devolve into mud wrestling amongst the forumites and I believe he takes great joy in it. Please see his threads for the past several weeks for evidence.
How about looking at the number of complaints a particular thread receives and when it reaches a certain threshold, just LOCK the thread? You don't have to delete it, just end the posts. So Neil will be free to post and start other threads but if they get out of control, the new moderator can just lock it up and stop the nonsense before it becomes ridiculous. Just a thought.

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