Recent D800/E Purchasers - Status on Left Focus Issue

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Re: NO AF issue here

Will1 wrote:

Of COURSE it's sarcasm! What possible information can you get from your question? I bought an early model -- it's fine. Does that mean that all early models are fine and the whiners are all wrong? I dunno. Nikon hasn't released any guidance whatsoever. You can pick up any anecdote you want here and you'll learn absolutely nothing but you're implying that if you get positive answers you can "safely" buy one. Really?

If that's not what you're implying, you're just wasting electrons in order to see yourself in print.

Buy it; if it's defective, return it. If you're too terrified, buy something else -- everything is good these days. WTH is the GD issue?

I've tried and returned FIVE! It's been a huge waste of time!

Is that being frightened? Obviously not.

You are right that no one can be certain what will result from a new purchase when they are looking for feedback from a few people who choose to respond to a topic thread. I don't think anyone is confused and thinking that this is an attempt at scientific sampling and statistical analysis.

Nevertheless, a while back there were lots of posts on the topic, now there seem to be less, and, if many people were to respond with good recent experiences, that could be indicative of a lower probability of getting a problem unit. Yes, before you say it, it may provide no value whatsoever, due to sample size.

While I can't speak for others on this topic, I asked the question because I am trying to avoid wasting more time. If a few more were to report good results, I will be willing to try another D800 yet again. If more report negative results, I'll wait a while longer.

I don't know what you intend with your posts on this thread. It appears that you are ranting about the subject matter rather than contributing something useful. If that is what you intended, then you are wasting your time and the time of others.

If any others reviewing the thread have recently purchased a D800/E, I would appreciate learning about your experiences with it!

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