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Re: EM5: RAW vs JPG

Starred wrote:

I mainly shoot jpg with my EM5, as I thought Olympus jpgs where supposed to be very good. However, I now often read the raws from the EM5 are so much better than the jpegs, so I am kind of curious if this is really true.

Can somebody show an EM5 RAW vs JPG comparison that really depicts the key differences? And I also would like to know how much time you've spend developing the raw file. Thanks!

A good analogy to this that I sometimes like to think of is shooting JPEG is like cooking using ready made mixes and packages, vs RAW where you have all of the fresh ingredients in their base form to put together as you like. You can make adjustments to both but what you can do with the pre-made stuff is very limited (add more water/change contrast). With the fresh ingredients you can do almost anything easily to change the final product (fix white balance, exposure, etc). Using RAW doesn't necessarily mean your final picture will be better, but it gives you more options to tweak it to your desire.

So asking someone to compare a RAW vs JPG is kind of difficult because how the person tweaks the RAW file is usually up to personal preference.

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