Silkypix Developer Studio Pro for Panasonic - Special !!!

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Re: I used to like Silkypix

ChrisJS wrote:

Ronomy wrote:

Well it looked so good with my FZ200 ISO 800 images I bought it! So good that I plan to just shoot raw from now on and use the defaults. At least on high iso's.

After a long session and copious studying of the manual to get to grips with their terminology I agree its a keeper on the NR and SH functionality alone! The 1 image HDR & Dodger tools are good and the absolute WB is very effective - but the terminology and manual well... suffice to say its an acquired taste - but once learnt it all works remarkably well...

Me too!  It's a little gem and seems to run much faster than previous versions of Silkypix that I've used.  The results are excellent - better than I can do with ACR by quite a bit, with NR/sharpness especially.

Their terminology is unfamiliar and the translated manual is sometimes obscure; but worth persisting with given the excellent IQ output from even the higher ISO files.

The built-in auto-development of an image based on the camera model & EXIF data is very welcome too.  One can spend hours making and saving such profiles for later auto -development in AdobeCameraRaw.

Given that this Silkypix auto-development of FZ200 RAWs is so good it makes one wonder - why not put the identical development engine in the camera, so it's jpegs are much better?  Perhaps it's the processing power required to run it.

SirLataxe, very pleased with Chris for finding this for us.

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