D800 4K Time Lapse in Hawaii (and some photos)

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Re: D800 4K Time Lapse in Hawaii (and some photos)

frenchy01 wrote:

Wonderfully done! The succession of sequences, the music, all is perfectly done. I am not (yet) into video, but this shows what is possible with today's DSLR's...but if it certainly takes some time to get your level of skills (and a lot of patience for the time lapses).

What hardware are you using to watch the 4K video (monitor/TV and graphic card)? It is still an expensive hobby...or not?


I actually don't have the ability to view it in 4K at home.  I just have a 1920x1200 monitor actually, though I think I may pick up a higher dpi monitor in the new year.

I shot it in 4K for future proofing and because it gives you a bit more freedom in postprocessing.  I'm quite curious how it looks so if someone does have a high dpi monitor and has seen it in youtube then

Timelapse actually adds a whole other layer of expenses with different postprocessing software (though I still use Lightroom a lot) and the benefits of ND filters and lenses with manual aperture controls all add other layers of expenses. Not to mention the cost of storing the photos and videos.  I haven't quite cleaned it up completely my folder of Hawaii timelapses is almost 500gb!

Still, not all of these things are needed to put together a good timelapse movie.  I have a busy job and bought some of these things just to make my life a bit efficient.

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