So who's our new sheriff ???

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Re: So who's our new sheriff ???

sir_bazz wrote:

The news isn't all good though because there's two sheriff's in this town.

I think I got the gig through DPR wanting a good mod and a bad mod for each of the sub-forums.

Mahesh being the good mod of course.

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Zooms? pfffft!

Interesting development.  Though this forum is usually pretty tame, from time to time an adult presence (good or bad cop?) will be helpful.  I trust that you will have some teeth along with your new title, such as the ability to ban problem children and/or to delete flames, junk posts, shilling, etc.  I wish you both the best and hope that you have little to do.  I've enjoyed this place over the last 6 years or so (several lurking) and have learned a great deal - hope your efforts ensure that continues.

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