School play Lumix G5 + 45-150 zoom + pany / Leica 1.4 for snaps afterwards - need advice

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Re: School play Lumix G5 + 45-150 zoom + pany / Leica 1.4 for snaps afterwards - need advice

So I shot it all in raw

and white balanced every shot afterwards..

shutter noise and even focus lights were ongoing from the audience (small kids show) so not a problem here.

before the show I realised that my youngest child's class were all sat in front of the front row waiting for the show to start so I poped on the PL 25 1.4 and using my favourite swivel LCD technique shot looking down at the screen between my hip and knee to get a close up of every Child then zipped back to my seat (front row)

to change lenses (the 45 wa too long often as I was so close) I found my big left breast pocket on my winter checked shirt was perfect to stash the lens I wasn't using. And with len lens cap in te bottom of the pocket I was confident not to to pick up Lint.

3 snaps with the 25mm got panoramic coverage of each 1 year cast.

Then it was on with the tele to shoot my kids and friends kids.

Then back on with the 25mm as the next new "year" assembled on stage.

With my 5 year olds class it was easy to get close ups but my older kids group moved far quicker and I found I got "lost" when zoomed in.

I had a few shots where the G5 focused perfectly on a distant object and what I wanted was out of focus.

Thetr was a presentation where a friend of mine was awarded a gift and only the last of my snaps was ok so basically I blew that.

So far 3 very happy friends parents. Wife thinks they are good.

I think they are ok

I KNOW the 5 year olds class are going to love the individual close ups.

it was a good amateur "self test" assignment

i spent 10 mins panicking and trying everything before settling on what to use at the last min.

Main takeaway was that the guy in the camera shop wasn't wrong. This did work ok

but I lust after the 35-100 !!!

the ammount of zoom though was pretty amazing. I wonder if I would miss that last 50mm?

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