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Re: P7000 firmware improvements? Yes, but not for you.

Billx08 wrote:

ShootTheMessenger wrote:

My advice is DON’T under any circumstances buy either the P7000 of the P7100 – no matter how attractive the price is.

I know there's a loyal following of sycophantic owners who won't hear a bad word said against Nikon, however there is also a growing army of disillusioned owners, due in part I suspect to the P7000, and I’m one of them.

And there's also a bunch of angry, dyspeptic whining trolls that create fake IDs so that they can gripe and hope that nobody recognizes them. Since you created this "ShootTheMessenger" ID, you've posted all of five messages, all within the last hour, several of them in threads that appeared to have ended long ago. Why not tell us who you really are?


So ... I’m done with old school / old world brands like Canon and Nikon who seem to delight in going out of their way to abuse the customer and break a lifetime of built up trust.

From now on for my daily shooter I’ll be exploring companies with integrity, like Sony and Panasonic, and I suggest all existing (or intending) Nikon P7000/P7100 owners do likewise. Certainly anyone considering upgrading to the P7700 should seriously reconsider that decision as I'm sure you'll be entering a world of unnecessary and unwarranted pain. And Yes, I do know that Nikon have reverted to using a standard lens cap on the P7700 instead of those silly blinds, but what other horror stories lay in wait? And yes, for the doubters amongst you, I have seen and used a P7700, and apart from the long overdue fully reticulating screen which should have been fitted to the P7100, it's a very ordinary camera.

Oh ... and I don't mind at all if you shoot the messenger 'cause it's your funeral not mine.

I'd suggest buying into Panasonic. FWIW, one of my Panasonic cameras (a TZ model) retains an older firmware version. Unlike Nikon, the new firmware didn't even try to fix anything or add new features. Its documentation spelled out its one and only purpose, to make third party batteries incompatible.

You got to be kidding? I owned the P7000 and it was the biggest joke of a camera. It could not focus in lowlight for a damn. The menu system was slow, laggy and the camera as a whole was just very unpolished. HAving debated over and over on the purchase of that camera and dropping $500 on it, it was a joke. Yeah I was bent and still am. So 2 models later, here I am. I ask questions, loved the new lens, swivel screen, better build and just better overall layout. It seemed like the camera for me until thast dreadful evening @ Lens And Shutter in Vancouver. Took out some of the big guns ( G15,P7700,Lx7,Xz2) and off we went. When the dust settled that evening, one camera came home with me and IMO is still leaps and bounds above the rest- Canon G15 ) while the new 7700 was quick overall, it struggled like hell to focus in low light.

So dont go run your mouth on something you are bitter about. Lots of PPL got burned with that Camera.

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