Silkypix Developer Studio Pro for Panasonic - Special !!!

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Re: Silkypix Developer Studio Pro for Panasonic - Special !!!

ChrisJS wrote:

Skip wrote:

I don't have any experience with them, but I am concerned that they didn't say the internet was required for download, but instead said it was required for 'using.'........... I still would want to be able to process my photos without the internet.

Sometimes meanings get lost in translation... here's what the their web says..

This product is only available by download.
This license can be registered in your own 2 computers.
This license is the same Windows / Macintosh.
(Note) A connection to the Internet (online certification) is required for using this product.

> >> Mikedigi

Certainly so far, the resultants are very good... others milage may vary ... I cannot find any disablements in the trial version ....

Online Armor says "Keylogger Detected" when using this version!!

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