Dumping the Oly 45mm

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Re: Dumping the Oly 45mm

I bought the 45/1.8 when I had the the GX1, and, being used to the OIS of the 14-42x and the 45-175, found the 45's lack of image stabilization to be a significant downside in low light.  I pretty well had to use at least 1/90 sec. to maintain sharpness, which meant effectively losing the f1.8 aperture advantage (not as far as DOF, of course).

Things changed when I got the OM-D.  I did a series of test shots with the 45mm, IBIS on.  I got acceptable sharpness down to 1/5 sec.  That's a full 5 stops down from the "reciprocal rule" and much better than the 2-3 stops that I get from the Panasonic OIS under the same conditions.  The 45mm really shows its stuff when used on the OM-D.

Having said that, if I had the 12-35, I'm not sure if I'd keep the 45 as well. I don't think sharpness difference is much of an issue.  It would come down to how much I needed/wanted the extra speed and shallower DOF available from the 45.  The lens is small enough and cheap enough that I would probably keep it.


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