Comparison Sigma Marco 150 mm and 180 mm 2.8 - can somebody help

Started Nov 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
Erland Nielsen Regular Member • Posts: 487
another sigma 180/2.8 test at lenstip

They like the lens too, but they found poor image stabilisation values. SLRgear found about 3,5 stops, while lestip found maximum 2,7. The testers don't seem to specify at which distance the tests were done, so the information is close to useless.

I've picked up the new 180/2.8 OS today, and shot sharp pictures with 2x converter, handheld at 1/40 s. I was glad to see that the picture with an 11 year old sigma 2x converter, turned out sharp and crisp (on 5DIII) at f/8, 1/40 s.

I think I will enjoy this lens. Need to try it out more of course, before I can compare it to my elder 180/3.5 and 150/2.8 Sigma lenses.

I can hardly hear the OS running, even when putting an ear up to the lens, only a small click or something when it starts. Autofocus seems fast and spot on at distances I've tried (3 meter to infinity). I will not focus with my old Sigma 2x, which I expected it would, but I guess it will when Canon launches the next 5DIII firmware enabling f/8 AF.

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