Do you let your Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 go au naturel?

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Re: See Frederick Glickner's solution

Chas2 wrote:

Allan Brown wrote:

What I have done with all my lenses is to buy cheap UV filters, remove the glass and fit the ring to the lens. I buy the same size filter for the lens so the cap will fit rather than a step-up ring.

This provides a solid front to the lens assembly.

Additionally, I use hoods for flair prevention and protection.

For my 14 or 20, being pancakes, I use the hood when needed but I will go without depending on what I am doing. However, they always have the metal filter ring on.


See Frederick Glickner's very solid mod. I like this solution, and while non traditional, appears to work as a very usable hood, as well as protection.

I had read that a while back and based what I do on his  article. In my case, with the ring, I still have the same amount of hood that he does but I maintain the original thread size for the lens cap.


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