Drobo vs. external HD's for back up new 27" iMac?

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Re: Drobo vs. external HD's for back up new 27" iMac?

A lot of people do not like the DROBO's, you'll hear a lot of negative comments about them and you need to do your research, and I mean real research not just listening to opinions on the WWW to make an informed decision about back up and other external space needs.

I have two DROBO's on line right now, a 4 bay and a 5 bay. both are connected to a Mac Pro via firewire. I have 5 (2) TB drives in the 5 bay and one (2 TB), one (1.5 TB) and two (1) TB drives in the four bay. I have been using DOBO's for the past 5 years and have lots and lots of images on them. I have something like 350,000 image files that I access between the two DROBO's.

I have not lost any data in those years using this system, I use these as the primary external drives that I work with, and at times the transfer is a little slow, expecially at start up, its a limitation I can live with. The DROBO system, for me, is easy to use and easy to upgrade.

Yes, no question, there are limitations to transfer speed, but in my workflo, I have adjusted to it. I have had drives go bad and not lost data. The major complaint I have is that when you install a new replacement drive, it takes a long time for it to write to the new drive, like 20+ hours!

Now having sung the virtues of this system, I will tell you I also do a monthly back ups to external drives that are off line when not backing up files, no one system is perfect and fool proof.  The great think about DROBO's is that you can have a mix of drives on the unite, different sizes, speeds and the DROBO software figures it all out. That is the major advantage. A really big question only you can answer is how large is your data set and how big will it be in one year, two years etc. Before I got into my DROBO's I had 7 different solo external drives and was backing up on CD and DVD. This was hard to search and I also sufferened drive failures that required a lot of redundancy.

Good luck, do your homework!

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