Windows 8 Survival Guide

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Re: Windows 8 Survival Guide

skyglider wrote:

Shalom2006, lanef, joey_B and QuicksilverCA,
Thanks for your comments.


Since you're mostly using Win8 now, could you tell me how you control the volume of the music app? When I click the music app, I can't figure out how to change the volume on desktops that have a standard keyboard with no hardware volume controls. I would like to learn about this aspect of the Win8 music app.

I have never used the Win8 music app, I will give it a try, I am addicted to Winamp.

OK, Just tried it, surprisingly when I am using my H800 Logitech wireless headset, and If if hit the volume button on my headset, a window comes up where you have the volume adjustment, and the next forward backward button. But when I am using my Logitech speakers which are connected to the audio output of my computer, that window option does not come up. So I can adjust volume by clicking the speaker button at the right hand corner of my screen and then use the volume button on the speaker itself.


I agree with your acessment. For folks already running Win7, just staying with Win7 for now is a good way to go.

For folks running Vista (especially the 64bit version) buying Win8 at the intro price of $39.99 and running it with the Classic Shell might be worthwhile.

I have tried both Classis Shell and Start 8 and I have now opted to Start 8 as I can configure it so that each time I hit the Windows Key, it will switch from my desktop to Metro and vice versa, also I have change the picture of the Start8 button to the Windows Start button, so now I am not even aware if I am using Win 8 when I am on my desktop and will occasionally browse the App store to hunt some new cool apps.


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